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Artefact Games

About us

Artefact Games is a game development company founded in 2010 in Moscow, Russia. We started by making Java games and then moved to iOS and cross-platform development.

Creation of curious and unique game worlds and characters is our passion.

Archived games

Mob Runner
Mob Runner is a platform arcade inspired by the ancient best-seller and all-time classic «Lode Runner». The game was published on J2ME platform in 2010.

Duck Tales
Duck Tales is an official platform arcade game based on the famous Disney animated TV series. The game was published by Disney on J2ME platform in 2011.

Our laws

Few simple rules which help us create high quality mobile games.

  • If something can be improved — it should be improved.

  • If something can be simplified — it should be simplified.

  • Good design — is the design that implements its tasks.

  • Good design is automatically beautiful, but not vice versa.

  • If we don’t understand why a certain feature should be implemented, then it shouldn’t,
    even if it’s implemented by the others.

  • If the best task solution has unwanted side-effects, then either it’s not the best,
    or the task itself is ill-posed.

  • Good game — is the game that makes money.

  • The setting is only a servant of the game mechanics.

  • The best way to make money — create quality products.

  • The best marketing strategy — create a product, which people want to buy,
    regardless of what you’re telling them.

  • Boring job can make you wealthy. Pleasant job can make you happy.

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